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Greetings summoners. I have decided to answer some questions in my free time when I am not training, but be aware that I have duties and may take a while before answering again.

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(( i’m here, just working on things besides answers! for instance, here’s a new sidebar for the blog!! expect a theme update soon and the creation of an official RP-only blog as well o: ))

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(( i’m here, just working on things besides answers! for instance, here’s a new sidebar for the blog!! expect a theme update soon and the creation of an official RP-only blog as well o: ))

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"You are being too polite. I feel as though I come and go all the time; after all, my duties take me all sorts of places, and coming back from them is nothing special. Still, I truly appreciate the heartwarming welcome."

Time to get back into the swing of things!

Hey all. I’m sure you’ve all noticed by month-long hiatus and lack of activity. I have not completely disappeared, I assure you. I really, really want to get back to this blog, but as always school and important things come first. I have not had much time to even do art in general, so working on answers is usually out of the question in my normal schedule. Finals week is going to roll in for me soon, and I get out of school later than most public schools, AND I am going to China for three weeks and will not be bringing my tablet with me because I have no laptop to call my own. I can, however, be online for RPs and any sorts of text-based answers; if you are interested in those, please specify so that we can get that planned before my leave.

That said, I still believe it is time to make a grand comeback. I plan to pretty much start anew: I will put a new theme in place and then see to cleaning out the askbox. I probably will not be deleting a lot of the asks, but there are some ooc and personal messages in there that are cluttering it up in addition to the already numerous asks, so I should hopefully be more organized in the following weeks. Lately I have been uncertain with my asks; I’ll work on this one, decide that I can’t answer it well, work on another one…basically, nothing will get done. But now I plan to work more efficiently and to stay on task while doing so—that means I’ll have to cut back on my League games, big time.

It’ll take some time for these major changes to happen, and since I’ll be gone for three weeks in June-July it’ll probably feel like nothing has really changed, but I’m working on it, trust me. For now, have a new avvie:


-Jay, askakali-mun

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"I’m a mere 5’ 5", so I’m sure that there are a number of champions taller than me, human or not. You, however, are definitely taller than me, and I’m not sure what your summoner was thinking."

"Whether you celebrate Snowdown or not, or any other holiday that perhaps I haven’t heard of, I wish you a merry celebration and a wonderful rest of the year. Happy holidays, and thank you for a lovely year of questions! I look forward to seeing you all in 2014."

horizonwalker: Dear Akali, how ya been lately? Beyond boredom and lack of interesting questions.


"Tired and unmotivated, to be honest. Duties come first, and after that all my energy and motivation to answer questions has been sapped. But I’ll come back around. Promise."

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((one day I will finish this and put it on the blog somehow))

Dear Anon,

Thank you.

Kinkou Kennen Kidnapped! (Closed/Askakali)


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky over the Kinkou monastery. Kennen stirred uneasily as the rain lashed against his window, rattling the thin panes of glass. Typically, he reveled in the storm, but this one was odd. Unnatural. Climbing out of bed, he wandered into the kitchen to find something sweet to ease his jangled nerves…

As he looked through the cupboards and the candy jar, he grumbled to himself. Akali and Shen always hid the sweets. It wasn’t fair. A growing yordle needs his food. But, wait, what was that? A green tea cube lay on the floor! One of his favourites! As he knelt down to retrieve it, he heard a deep laugh behind him. He sprung up, bumping into something unseen. Darkness swept over him, muffling his cries. He struggled to no avail as shadowy hands swept him away…


Shen awoke, immediately on edge. It was abnormally quiet - there was no sound of breaking dishes, no patter of swift feet on the roof, not even the whisper of robes on the floor. The sun streaming in through the hallway skylight reminded him that it was day once more. But where was the earliest riser? It was always Kennen, so full of energy. Perhaps he slept in today. Unexpected of him. Breaks in character - assume something is wrong.

He paced to the kitchen to find a veritable mess. Chairs were knocked over and a thin layer of water was spilled on the floor, the byproduct of a broken pitcher. Clearly something was not right. Almost running, he approached Akali’s door and knocked. Logic drew the conclusion for him, the evidence clear on the floor. Before she even answered, he spoke.

"Kennen’s gone."

It pained her to be a light sleeper. Her mind required total silence to relax and fall asleep, and when she started to drift into unconsciousness more often than not she would jump awake to a sudden eerie sound, be it the floor creaking or a rush of wind by her window. Her heightened senses were so alert to her surroundings that even the slightest sign of movement made her tense. No, it was not the darkness of night that scared her. She lived her life always being in the presence of the shadows, and she traveled through them quickly many times. It was more that…she was wary of the only other person in this land that could manipulate them just as easily as she could. The League claimed to protect all of its inhabitants and prevent them from killing each other outside of the Fields of Justice, but she did not trust him. He had already betrayed them once, and he would not get a second chance to do so.

Tonight, the pour of rain splashing against the ground and the noise from this storm was what kept her up. She rolled onto her side restlessly, facing away from her window as she grumbled miserably and wrapping her pillow around her ears. Perhaps others wished to have ninja-like senses, but at a time like this they came at an inconvenience. As a flash of lightning momentarily illuminated the room, she stared at the shadows present on the blank walls, quickly fading back into the dark as the light disappeared and a roar of thunder followed. Can’t a warrior get her badly-needed sleep? She was already tired enough from being summoned numerous times today, and she didn’t need anything else to prevent her from getting her well-deserved rest.

A hollow wooden sound made Akali swiftly look at the door. Who would be awake at this hour to want to see her? The pitter-patter of rain filled the space between her and her visitor as she waited in anticipation for the person to identify themselves…

"Kennen’s gone."

Her eyes widened. The voice belonged to no one other than her dear comrade, and the news he had brought her wasn’t anything good. She bolted out of her bed, her feet silently meeting the floorboards and rushing to the room’s entrance. An unpleasant creak resounded through the hallway as she opened the door quickly, appearing in her pajamas and with disbelief on her face as she looked at the figure standing in her doorway. Her eyes shone with worry as in a hushed tone she repeated the last word he had said.


"Perhaps if more intelligent people sent in meaningful questions I’d be more motivated to entertain them."

I am obviously not invincible. There are few whose senses are so great that they can pinpoint me, or anyone hidden, without having to swing their weapons randomly through my shroud or use vision wards and Oracles. One of those champions is Lee Sin, whose blows are so powerful they can disperse the smoke of my shroud and reveal me to the enemy. Even then, stealth does not work against him (he’s blind; he has no need to know whether I am visible or not) and he can use his other heightened senses to track me down anyway. He is rather difficult to face in lane, but when chasing each other I find that I can catch up to him most of the time, as tricky as he can be to follow.

Regardless of my weaknesses, I still maintain a strong friendship with him. He has taught me much, things I would’ve never known had I not talked to him. He also makes quite the partner to spar with, when Shen is not available. I am quite honored to have such an extraordinary warrior as a friend, and while there are numerous times that I have to fight against him, I am very glad he fights for Ionia.